The Beauty of Live Edge

by Tim Shonkwiler January 17, 2017

The Beauty of Live Edge

In a world full of defined shapes and style, something new has been hitting the market place and we love it. Have you noticed the beautiful wood pieces in home magazines and on design shows that have a unique edge to them?  If not we suggest taking a gander online in to the exquisite world of live edge wood furniture.  

Now you might be wondering, is it just a trend or will it become a timeless treasure? In my opinion it is both. This may seem like the easy way out of answering difficult questions, but give me a chance to explain.

It certainly is trendy.  With every company that we deal with, the live edge concept is popping up everywhere.  In fact we are anticipating seeing more of it at our upcoming buying show this coming week.  It started out in the accent and occasional table area of furniture.  Taking a slab of wood that hadn't been processed and leaving the bark on to create a rustic and organic look.  This caught on and has been trickling its way in to dining room sets, bedrooms, and now we are even seeing it on sofas as arm rests.

You don't have to have a rustic home to make this look work for you.  It is also extremely popular in the industrial to contemporary styles; in fact more so. One of our companies even lets you pick the slab you want and a custom piece is made specifically for you.

So how is this look going to become timeless?  After doing a little research and trying to answer this question for myself, I concluded that nature is timeless.  These pieces of wood are in their natural form. The edge is exactly as it was when it was harvested. Some companies are leaving the bark on, others are stripping it off to leave a smooth finish making it easy to fit in to the design esthetic that fits your needs.

Another thing I ask myself when talking about something timeless is, will this be something that can be passed down from generation to generation and not be out of style?  Lets face it, everything goes out of style at one point or another and miraculously makes its way back sooner or later.  There will always be someone who appreciates a style.

I also like to look at live edge furniture as a piece of art. Each piece is a one of a kind, making it unique to the owner. Just like no snowflake is the same, no tree is either. And that's what makes it beautiful.


Tim Shonkwiler
Tim Shonkwiler


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